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Country Folk, 4CD

Carter Family
Doba dodání v týdnech: 6
kód: BEC96294
nosič: CD
rok vydáni: 2007
vydavatel: Proper Box
Dodací doba může být delší. Dovoz ze zahraničí.
Nahrávky z let 1927-1941

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Seznam skladeb:
CD 1:
1. Bury Me Under the Weeping Willow 
2. Little Log Cabin by the Sea
3. The Poor Orphan Child   
4. The Storms Are on the Ocean 
5. Single Girl, Married Girl 
6. The Wandering Boy  
7. Meet by the Moonlight Alone 
8. Little Darling Pal of Mine 
9. Keep on the Sunny Side 
10. Anchored in Love 
11. John Hardy Was a Desperate Little Man     
12. I Ain't Gonna Work Tomorrow   
13. Will You Miss Me When I'm Gone 
14. River of Jordan 
15. Chewing Gum 
16. Wildwood Flower 
17. Motherless Children 
18. When the Roses Bloom in Dixieland     
19. No Telephone in Heaven 
20. The Western Hobo 
21. Carter's Blues 
22. Wabash Cannonball 
23. A Distant Land to Roam  
24. Jimmie Brown the Newsboy  
25. Kitty Waltz 

CD 2:
1. The Cannonball 
2. The Little Log Hut in the Lane 
3. When the World's on Fire 
4. Worried Man Blues
5. Lonesome Valley 
6. On the Rock Where Moses Stood 
7. Lonesome Pine Special  
8. No More the Moon Shines on Lorena   
9. Darling Nellie Across the Sea 
10. Sow 'Em on the Mountain 
11. Weary Prodigal Son 
12. When I'm Gone   
13. Sunshine in the Shadows 
14. Lonesome for You 
15. Can't Feel at Home 
16. 'Mid the Green Fields of Virginia     
17. Happiest Days of All    
18. Picture on the Wall  
19. Amber Tresses 
20. I Never Loved But One 
21. Tell Me That You Love Me   
22. Where We'll Never Grow Old   
23. We Will March Through the Streets of the City 
24. I'll Be Home Someday 
25. Faded Coat of Blue 
26. The Sailor Boy   

CD 3:
1. My Dixie Darling 
2. Give Me Your Love and I'll Give You Mine 
3. Are You Lonesome Tonight?  
4. The Last Move for Me 
5. The Wayworn Traveller
6. Just Another Broken Heart 
7. When Silver Threads Are Gold Again  
8. There's No One Like Mother to Me 
9. In a Little Village Churchyard  
10. Jealous Hearted Me 
11. My Native Home  
12. Sweet Heaven in My View   
13. No Depression (In Heaven) 
14. Bonnie Blue Eyes  
15. My Honey Lou  
16. In the Shadow of the Pines  
17. Answer to Weeping Willow      
18. You've Been a Friend to Me  
19. Where the Silvery Colorado Wends Its Way   
20. Lay My Head Beneath the Rose   
21. The Broken Down T****   
22. Lover's Lane   
23. Hold Fast to the Right  
24. Lord, I'm in Your Care 
25. Funny When You Feel That Way 
26. In the Shadow of Clinch Mountain

CD 4:
1. Hello Stranger 
2. Never Let the Devil Get the Upper Hand of You   
3. When This Evening Sun Goes Down  
4. Jim Blake's Message  
5. Honey in the Rock   
6. Look How This World Has Made a Change   
7. The Little Girl That Played Upon My Knee   
8. You Better Let That Liar Alone 
9. Farewell Nellie   
10. The Only Girl I Ever Cared About   
11. Goodbye to the Plains 
12. My Home's Across the Blue Ridge Mountains
13. Dark Haired True Lover   
14. He Never Came Back    
15. Why Do You Cry, Little Darling?    
16. You Tied a Love Knot in My Heart  
17. Lonesome Homesick Blues 
18. Dark and Stormy Weather 
19. In the Valley of Shenandoah  
20. The Girl on the Greenbriar Shore   
21. Something Got a Hold of Me   
22. Fifty Miles of Elbow Room   
23. Keep on the Firing Line 
24. Waves on the Sea 
25. Rambling Boy
26. You're Gonna Be Sorry You Let Me Down

Cena: 500 Kč